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The best TRUE Lemon ‘Cheese’ cake


The so amazing, ever changing, mouth watering raw cheese cake from True North retreats is quite possibly the most talked about dessert we offer when you are here. It takes on many shapes and forms  – depending on the season it will take on as many different flavors and variations. This Summer we even created … Continued

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Yoga Nidra – Know it? You should!


If you are like me, during that work week – you are rockin and rollin. You have your day, your schedule and most importantly you have your yoga or work out schedule dialed IN! You know who is teaching where, what classes you are going to hit when, you KNOW! exactly what you are going … Continued

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Lunch & Learn on Retreat – an education on CBD


Lunch and learn is the most amazing part of the day on retreat  – not only because we simply sit down to eat, take a second to chew, chat , digest but to:  learn about something – A dose of lifestyle medicine you can take with you! One of our Lunch and learn sessions always … Continued

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Weekend to do list? Sleep…

True North Wellness

As early as I can remember, I haven’t been a great sleeper. As a child I’d fight to stay up – I am pretty sure with a FOMO – fear of missing out. I’d kick and scream untilI would finally pass out. There just was and (is) so much to do, so much excitement, so … Continued

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Mindfulness Monday – here’s a few tricks to start your day!


When we are on retreat we start each day together with meditation, time to sit, deepen our breath, set intentions and regenerate. In that space we can clear the clutter of daily life, reconnect and actually feel our breath. When we are not together, by now, we know so well, that the day can get … Continued

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CBD Cabbage Crunch


Coming off an amazing SPRING EQUINOX RETREAT weekend at our new Vermont home base at The Summit Lodge in Killington Vermont This salad and educational afternoon about the health benefits of CBD, how it is curated and produced with the folks at Luce Farm is always a hit! Simple, satisfying, easy to make ahead and … Continued

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