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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Explore A Day At TRUE NORTH

When you join us at TRUE NORTH, you will laugh, learn, laugh some more… move your body like never before free from needless pain and premature aging…Oh and by the way we’re going to have a ton of fun while we are at it!!! We’ll greet you on arrival with a towering green juice and light snack, yoga class and welcome dinner. Enjoy well planned, mouthwatering plant based meals the crisp fresh air of Vermont’s Green Mountains, and a variety of physical and mentally stimulating programs while you are with us… We are a place where you can check out in order to check back in. All offerings are optional but most of our guests can’t get enough – and that is the best! 

Join us for adventure, wellness, weight loss or some of everything and walk away with more than you could ever imagine – and to boot a community you are able to check in with (or join us on every adventure if you wish!!) our sample itinerary is meant to help you start understanding all that will be available to you during your stay – a window into how great you will feel on your way home! Timelines subject to weather, seasonal changes and the group at hand… There is always a ton to do, plenty of time to do nothing too – its your vacation, we want you to get back to feeling LIKE YOU! 😉


We have such a good time that returning guests make up 15-50% of each new adventure. Over the past seven years this has created just the best community ever. We can’t wait to have you be part of this community too!


Hi Liz!

Thanks for the email. And again, THANK YOU for such an exciting experience. I am still reminiscing about all that I learned and took in while at the retreat. It’s one of those experiences that plants roots, flourishes, and stays with you long after it’s over. I would LOVE to go to Maui, but my hubby might kill me if I leave him with the kids again so soon – lol! I am interested in booking for fall next year, so as soon as you have the dates, let me know! I am also trying to recruit some other girls to join.
Keep up the fantastic work and thank you for everything you do. It’s been an honor to get to know you :)
WW – Summer 2017 Guest

Hi Liz

Thanks for the follow up retreat info & resources!
I had a fantastic time. Just love you and the team you have put together! I feel so fortunate to have you and your calming positive she energy in my life :)
This is the first time in a long time that I have returned from a vacation so energized. I still feel the glow. The combination of clean eating, Bikram and hiking also really helped a few chronic aches I have.  I plan on returning and hope some of the gang will join me.
Thank you so much for all you  & your team do
Pam – VT Summer 2017 Guest

“What an amazing enlightening retreat.. All the extras ( massage, reiki, acupuncture, SRT, meditation classes, variety of yoga, the hiking) that you introduced were life changing… PS.. miss you cooking for me badly..”A. – VT Sept, 2017 guest 


“I feel so grounded. Calm. This week has been incredible. Thank you and your staff for everything, for holding space for us to have such an incredible time. See you in Hawaii in February!

AB – VT September 2017 guest


“If you cooked for me everyday I for sure could be a vegan – lol. I feel amazing.”

RM – VT September 2017 guest


” Your food brings tears to my eyes…. in a good way – it is so amazing”

RW – VT September 2017 guest


“Everything. I mean everything was AMAZING. Miss the energy, the FOOD!! OMG, the food!!! the juice, the scenery, air, the awesome sweaty yoga, the meditations, massages, tarot and of course the people. You and your team have created something so special. We are lucky to have found you and will definitely be back next year!”

WW – VT September 2017 Guest
*The owner/host was amazing at accommodating each retreat guests’ specific desires as best as possible. Every day included hiking and yoga but there were always ways add another yoga session, or take a long nap, if that was what you were looking for. The food was amazing. I wish I could eat like that for every meal at home. A few of the additional perks were the guests who came and spoke to us about their wellness products or areas of expertise. We even got to go on a hike on the Appalachian Trail with a local mushroom expert – though he might blush to hear us call him such, he’d much prefer to think of himself as a student.Excellent marrying of hiking, yoga, and wellness education!

I’ll be back next year – with my husband as well!

Thanks – I feel like a million bucks!

LH – VT July 2017



“I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you so much for accommodating my friend and me at the last minute! I know it was probably another detail that you needed to juggle on top of everything else you had to do to put it all together, and we both really really appreciate it. We had a wonderful time and it was exactly what we both needed. There was so much good energy and it was lovely to get the time we had there!

Thank you again – we will be back!”
JM – VT 2017
I will join you all on another Yoga Retreat in the near future and I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully I’ll keep getting the newsletters and, when the stars align, I’m there!
This was such an amazing experience, Liz, thank you for facilitating it. What I loved most was the wonderful group of women—such great energy! And your healers—OMG. And Raven—no words. Ok… there were lots of things I “loved most”. Thank you for bringing it all together.
DB – VT 2017 Womens retreat

“I never felt so nourished”!

Viv – 2016 VT


I wasn’t sure, but I brought my kids on retreat in June and it was absolutely fantastic. The kids had a ball and loved The Killington Parks & Rec camp so close and so easy. It was just enough family time and me time. Liz Patnode and her staff were incredibly accommodating of all my kids needs, packed them lunch, kids dinner meals had movies for them in the evenings. I just can’t say enough wonderful things,,, the kids are still talking about it and if course I am too!

T – 2016 VT


Dear True North..

What a beautiful location, amazing schedule of things to do & lovely yogi company!
Truly an unforgettable experience. See you next year!!

J – 2016 VT


“Dear Liz
I will absolutely be coming to see you in VT. I have been keeping in touch with some of the friends I made on the Hi retreat and we are planning now! I miss your energy you have no idea!!

I also wanted to tell you, I had put on a pair of my old jeans that used to fit tight.. Size 16 or 18 after unreturned from our retreat in Hawaii. As I I’m using them for doing yard work in and my family looked at me in amazement and how much weight I’ve lost .. They cant believe yoga , your diet tips and the retreats I have taken with you over the last year have transformed me into this beautiful butterfly….I am so grateful beyond words..”


“A Bikram instructor on Maui HI I was invited to teach a class while True North was on the island this past April.  Little did I know that teaching that class and sticking around for ‘one’ dinner would impact me so dramatically.
After the class, my partner joined me for dinner. We sat around the open kitchen and chatted as Liz prepared the meal and almost immediately noticed that the power of Liz’s approach is in it’s simplicity and approachability. You don’t have to be a master chef or completely restructure your life to eat well and improve your life; Start with the best ingredients, work with them gently, cook them lightly, prepare them artfully and your body will respond handsomely.
Following that night, TRUELY Inspired by the meal and spending time with Liz, my partner and I made changes immediately that have impacted our health, our well being, our lives. We have reworked our weekly schedule to go to the farmers market and shop locally, find the best and locally sourced food ( plant and other) items possible. We ARE incorporating more plant based ideas into our diets, we make it a point to sit while we eat!.. Just to share a few tips. The final key – maybe the most important one being – Do a little bit, and when you are able to do more, do that. Its a process of detoxing slowly, de-aging gracefully, get back to the ‘TRUE’ in everything.” Can’t wait for the next retreat. Thank you for coming to Maui!

A.S. & I.B. 2016 retreat participants


“Your retreats are F’ing amazing. I’m starting to discover that meditating is quieting those self-critical voices in my head. Thank you, Thank you – I will see you again very very soon. Vermont is next!”

KK 2016


“I don’t know what I expected but The True North Experience totally changed how I feed myself and my family. The yoga – Awesome. The teaching – Fantastic. The venue – Stunning.”

MK 2016 Retreat Guest


“I went for the yoga, I’d go back for the food alone. It was the most delicious food I have ever eaten.”

Johanna Wolf, 2016 Retreat Guest


“I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for everything associated with the True North Retreat that you just completed. My partner returned home the model of Zen! I know it was a lot to try to pull off the surprise for as long as we did, but it was well worth it. From what I can tell, she truly had an amazing time – an amazing trip for a once in a lifetime birthday. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. Thanks again -”

GB – 2016 partner of retreat guest. retreat purchased for a 40th b-day present!


Hello Liz!

I haven’t stopped thinking about you and the most awesome vacation EVER! Jumping 16-18 feet out of Agave trees into waterfall pools! Who does that?? US! The whale watching trip and all the new people I met from all walks of life and of course all the fabulous meals prepared by you… Oh my goodness. I could just go on.. the introduction to meditation and yoga was so self reflecting..l know I am a work in progress but am so thankful. This retreat has made a noticeable difference in my life. I read the post from yesterday regarding the upcoming cookbook! You are truly an AMAZING woman and TRUE NORTH necessary for everyone to experience. I can’t wait to share another journey with you.. well heck how about April. I’m coming back and then for sure Vermont this Summer!!!!! Much love always

MJ 2016 retreat guest ( for life)


Hi Liz,

I’ve been meaning to write you for weeks to thank you for such a great time in Maui! I loved it all and hope to join you again in the future. Thanks for making it so comfortable for me to do my own thing and still feel cared for!

JW 2016  Guest  


“The yoga is great, the food even better, the people you meet you will know forever. Never good bye – just see you next time”

Guest VT 2015


“Hi everyone, Here is the list of all the emails I got as promised. I want you all to know that I had the best vacation ever, you are all such special and amazing space, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to spend my time with. thank you all for making my trip so wonderful and special . the memories will last forever. I am missing everything about the retreat! Liz, you are truly amazing in everything you do, a total inspiration. – 2015 Love, –

Guest 2015 VT


Dear Liz!

You made our retreat lovely and special with your extraordinary cooking and love. See you in just two months. I am coming back on retreat!

H. 2015


I have been going to Bikram Bronx ever since the retreat and have lost a good amount of weight – I have a really good schedule utilizing both Bikram Bronx and Bikram Scarsdale to keep me on track – all thanks to you and Lynn!! Loving it and looking forward to seeing you next year. I am afraid that I will not be able to make it to Puerto Rico – makes me very sad. June can’t come soon enough

LH June 2014


Dear Liz – My experience throughout this retreat has nourished me inside and out. Thank you so much for everything.

MA June 2014


Ladies – I simply want to express my sincere thanks for providing the environment I need, at this time in my life, to learn, reflect, and generate positive energy. From the yoga practice & instruction to the nourishing food to the mindfulness exhibited by both of you, I am truly appreciative. What a treat to be free from responsibility and allow myself regenerative time! Many thanks for being a part of my journey.. perhaps our paths will cross again as we continue seeking optimum health and joy in our lives. With gratitude –

AT June 2014


Wow! What a great weekend. Thank you both so much for everything. Your classes and clinic were fantastic. I learned so much Saturday evening and can’t wait to start incorporating what I learned into my practice. It was great to have a few classes back to back and experience what that is like, as I have never done that before. Thank you also for the incredible food. Definitely a highlight of the weekend for me! The meditation was wonderful and I can’t wait to try a little bit of that in the mornings before my girls wake up. I hope you both were OK with the early departure. I think I was just missing my girls a bit and ready to get home again. That was exactly what I needed though because as I walked through the front door, I felt so much more at ease compared to when I left. With two little ones, your fuse can run a little short sometimes, so I am learning that breaks can be very beneficial. Anyway, thanks again for all you did and I hope I get to visit the farm and studio again sometime in the future.

Cheers A.P