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Active, Healthy, Total Wellness Adventure - Hey Bikram Retreat, Your Perfect Vacation Just Got Better...

Welcome to True North

At True North we offer a very real, accessible, all inclusive, fun space grounded in total wellness to open anyone looking to get back to the feeling of being 100% alive.

Truly an Experience

You don’t need more vacation days, you need better ones!


The Summit Lodge with True North a world-class adventure/wellness experience.

True Kitchen

There is no love more sincere than the love for food...

True Love

"The yoga is great, the food even better, the people you meet you will know forever...”

Booking True North

Nestled naturally into a breathtaking landscape of the Green Mountains, central Vermont's TRUE NORTH at The Summit Lodge has everything you need to relax, renew and rediscover your passion for wellness and adventure.

Beautifully designed rooms are carefully sited with stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains. All amenities, from nutrition seminars to massages, fitness classes, mouthwatering meals and fresh pressed juices are just a short, scenic walk away or easily accessed with complementary shuttle service.

In addition to what we have in store, The Summit’s ideal location allows convenient planning of a customized adventures in mountain biking, rock climbing, fly fishing and more so do not be shy to let us know what we can do for you - ask and we make it happen! TRUE NORTH’s dedicated staff in partner with the folks at The Summit Lodge is here to encourage and support you in being as active or relaxed, social or private, as you wish – whether meeting new friends during an exhilarating rock climb or savoring a solitary walk on nearby trails.

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